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Welland Park Academy

Welland Park Road
Market Harborough
LE16 9DR

Tel: 01858 464795

Please contact Mrs Burgess, PA to the Principal.


Our office is open:

8.00am until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday

8.00am until 4.00pm on Fridays

Welland Park Academy - Pastoral System

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Head of Key Stage 3 and Head of Year 7: Mrs E. Askham
Head of Year 8: Miss A. Loomes
Head of Year 9: Mrs C. Towers
Student Support Manager KS3: Mrs K. Hardy

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Head of Key Stage 4 and Head of Year 11: Mrs F. Horne
Head of Year 10: Mr S. Blades
Student Support Manager KS4: Mrs B. King

Assistant Principal Behaviour & Inclusion: Danielle Pendell

Welland Park Academy – Teaching Staff Email Addresses

Mrs E. Askham

D&T, ICT, Progress Leader KS3

Mr S. Askham

Humanities, Form Tutor SAS, Head of Citizenship

(Key Stage 4)

Miss E. Aslett


Mrs L. Bale

Textiles, Form Tutor LYB

Miss L. Barnes

Maths, Form Tutor LBA

Mr S. Blades

PE, Assistant Progress Leader Year 10

Dr P Blas

Science, Form Tutor HBO

Miss G. Bond

Head of D&T, Form Tutor GBO

Mrs C. Bowden

English, Assistant Principal

Mrs C. Burdon


Miss L. Bateman

English Form Tutor LBN

Mr J. Button

Head of PE, Form Tutor JBU

Mrs E. Ostler

ICT, Form Tutor ECH

Mr G. Condon

Science, Form Tutor GCO

Mrs J. Fry

MFL, Form Tutor JFR

Mrs Z. Garnell

Maths, Form Tutor ZGA

Mrs C. Gerald

MFL, Assistant Principal

Miss C. Gray

PE, Form Tutor CGR

Mrs. N Halloway

English, Form Tutor NHA

Mrs K. Hardy

Student Support Manager KS3

Mrs D. Hartley


Mrs A. Hopkins

Science, D&T

Mrs F. Horne

MFL, Progress Leader KS4

Mr I. Howes

Head of Science

Mrs K. Howland

English, Drama, AC

Mrs J. Jerred


Mr M. Jerred

PE, Maths, Vice Principal

Mrs S. Jones

PE, Cover Supervisor

Mrs B. King

Student Support Manager KS4

Miss L. Manners

Humanities, Form Tutor LMN

Miss C. Kolbeck

MFL, Form tutor CKO

Mr P. Leatherland


Mr R. Loasby

Maths, Form Tutor RLO

Miss S. Lockton

Maths, Form Tutor SLO

Miss A. Loomes

Humanities, Form Tutor ALO

Ms C. Lucchesi

English, Form Tutor CAL

Mr R. Mander

D&T, Form Tutor RMA

Mr A. Mayes

ICT, Form Tutor AMA

Mr T. Maynard

Science, Form Tutor TMA

Miss M. McSparron

PE, Asst. SENDCO, Form Tutor MMC

Mr T. Mummery

Head of English

Mr J. Oakland

Music, Drama, Form Tutor JOK

Mrs S. O'Connell

Science, Form Tutor SOC

Mrs D. Pendell

Geography, Health & Social Care, Assistant Principal

Mr I. Preston

Maths, Form Tutor IPR

MR J Radbourne

Head of ICT, Form Tutor JRA

Mrs S. Ram

Maths, Form Tutor SRA

Mr S. Ready

Head of Maths

Mrs H. Russell

MFL, Form Tutor HRU, Head of Languages

Mrs J. Smith

Humanities, Form Tutor JSM

Mrs C. Stewart-Nash

Art, Form Tutor CNA

Mr M. Styles

English, Form Tutor MST

Mrs R. Sullivan

Humanities, Head of Citizenship (Key Stage 4)

Mrs E. Thornton


Mrs C. Towers

Head of Music, Performing Arts, Yr 9 Assistant Progress Leader

Mrs R. Walker

Business Studies

Ms S. Wise



Mr D. Woodward

Science, Form Tutor DWO

Mrs H. Woodward

Science, Form Tutor HWO

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