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If you are contacting the School, please address all enquiries to the student's Form Tutor in the first instance. If necessary you may also wish to contact your child's Year Head. You will also receive information about the various meetings we hold in the School as well as other activities. We issue Newsletters, an Annual Report to parents and reports on your child's progress. Parents' Evenings are also arranged regularly. We feel it is essential that parents meet the staff who teach their children. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


In September an invitation will be sent to you to attend a Year 7 Parents' Evening to discuss with your child's Form Tutor how he or she is settling into the School. The letter will include concerns, if we have any, and will give you the opportunity to let us know if you have any particular worries about them. We believe this contact with the Form Tutor to be an important opportunity to exchange information relevant to your child's education and well-being.  Each term, you will receive a “progress check”, which will indicate your child's current attainment level and effort grade and in the summer term, there will be a Parents' Evening. There you will have the chance to meet the staff of your choice by appointment. We run two sessions with half the year groups on each night so that we are able to allow five-minute interviews. The Principal, Vice-Principal, Year Heads and all staff will be present and able to speak to you if you wish. A letter, staff list and appointment sheet will be sent to you in good time for you to make your choices.


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