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Aims and Mission Statement


Our Motto:

Learning for Life


Our Mission Statement:

Working together to provide the highest quality education for each student, through our commitment to continuous improvement.


 Aims of the Academy:

  • To provide a safe, caring and structured environment where students feel valued and develop strategies to ensure they develop good physical and mental health. 

  • To provide high-quality teaching and outstanding learning outcomes for all our students. 

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum in an atmosphere conducive to effective learning. 

  • To encourage students to work co-operatively, respecting each other, adults and their environment, to become confident, happy and successful individuals. 

  • To facilitate lifelong learning by providing opportunities and resources for community learning. 

  • To create an effective partnership with parents, governors and the wider community.

  • To establish professional working relationships and to facilitate the professional development of staff to achieve the school aims. 

  • To work within a framework of equal opportunities and to encourage an awareness and appreciation of cultural and religious diversity, in accordance with British values. 

  • To challenge all students to achieve their potential and develop the academic, social and cultural skills to contribute to a modern society.

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