Our curriculum is designed to ensure all students make significant progress between years 7 and 11.  The intent behind the content, knowledge, and skills taught, and the implementation of these can be seen in our curriculum maps found here. These are subject to change at any time, particularly in light of events such as Covid:19, to ensure the best experience for our young people.

Learning for Life: Our Curriculum Rationale

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum has been designed by the staff to meet the diverse needs of all our learners. They will be able to access many learning opportunities through lessons and our extra-curricular provision to develop their full academic, emotional and social potential. The majority of students will take 8 or 9 GCSEs. A small number take 10, or less than 8.

As an 11-16 Academy, we plan our curriculum as a continuum through Key Stages 3 and 4 based on the requisite skills and knowledge for GCSE specifications. This ensures that we are fully preparing students to make outstanding progress with their final GCSE grades. Additionally, we work to ensure that students have a firm foundation for progression to the next stage of their education career.

Curriculum Design Principles:

Our curriculum is designed upon a set of key principles:

  • Challenge and enjoyment

  • Breadth

  • Personalisation

  • Progression

  • Preparing students for the world of work in the 21st century

  • Meeting Statutory requirements

Preparing students for the world of work in the 21st Century:

Our curriculum responds to the changing demands of the current employment market.

Our curriculum is also enriched through a Work Experience programme at the end of Year 10, in addition to careers interviews and careers fair to help students develop an understanding of how the skills they are learning through the curriculum can be applied in the world of work. We utilise our Enrichment programme to facilitate the development of leadership skills and resilience and strongly encourage students to complete the National Citizen Service programme NCS. We expect commitment from our students to secure the best possible progress, there is a rigorous programme of interventions to enhance revision and students will be expected to attend where appropriate.

We encourage our students to consider the English Baccalaureate or EBacc. This is not a separate qualification but a portfolio of qualifications, which must include all of the six following subjects at GCSE grade 5 or above:

English language or literature


2 Science GCSEs (can be any 2 of the separate sciences or double award science)

1 language e.g. Spanish, French.

1 Humanities subject which must be history or Geography.

Please use the separate pages to explore each curriculum area in more detail.