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Humanities aim to enable all students to develop an awareness and understanding of the changing world and nations in which we live. We are particularly concerned with developing the geographical, historical, spiritual, economic, social, moral and political awareness of our students. These Strands, however, have their own skills, rigour, and knowledge base which are reflected in the establishment of discrete areas or subjects within Humanities.

The Humanities Staff:

Head of Department: Mrs J Smith -

Mr S Askham -

Ms M Moolraj -

Ms S Wise -

Miss A Loomes -

Mrs R Sullivan -

Mrs D Pendell -


Trips and Visitors



Year 7

Local Geography Fieldwork trip

Visit the local church

Bosworth battlefield trip

Year 8

Black Country Museum

Solihull Anne Frank Holocaust event

Hunstanton coastal trip


Year 9

Peak district

Imperial War museum

Houses of Parliament (more able)

Nottingham courts of Justice


Year 10



Leicester Gurdwara and Cathedral

Year 11

Fieldwork trip to Wales or Hunstanton

Site visit to environmental study based on Elizabethan England

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons of each Humanities subject will my child study?

In year 7, students have one lesson on each of the three subjects of Humanities per week. In Year 8 and 9 they will have 3 lessons over 2 weeks for History and Geography while RE remains at one per week. At Years 10 and 11 there are 3 lessons of each of their chosen options.

What topics do you do in Year 7?

In Geography we look at Map skills, Glaciation, Rivers and Settlement


In History, we start with a general history skills unit followed by key events in Medieval Britain and we finish with a crime and punishment unit.


In RE we look at the following units - What is RE?, World religions, Buddhism and Christianity and Christianity around the World

What trips do you do?

There is a long list on the website but in Year 7 we visit the Battle of Bosworth and complete some local fieldwork in Geography along with a visit to the Church in Market Harborough. There are opportunities ranging from local visits to trips to the coast, museum trips such as the Black country museum along with opportunities further afield in GCSE such as Berlin and Iceland.


What do the Humanities department do for the more able?

In Humanities we teach in forms during Year 7 to build confidence and familiarity within the groups. We use challenge and extension tasks to stretch students to achieve their full potential. In years 8 and 9 we move students into new groups and set up two more able groups, one on each band and then put the rest of the students into mixed ability groups. These groups are for students who are able, motivated, and more independent in their learning. The idea is to challenge and engage them in their own learning with less formal structuring in tasks.


What homework is set and how often is it set?

Homework tasks are set regularly in line with the school policy. The tasks might involve research, revision of key knowledge for a quiz the next lesson or a written task.

How often are students assessed in Humanities and what types of assessment are given to students?

All three subjects have regular assessments throughout the year based around knowledge recall and key skills within each discipline. Geography and RE tend to complete end of unit tests whereas History has assessments throughout units of work. Assessments are marked and graded and these grades will be used to inform progress reports to parents.

What is done in Humanities to support student needs?

We try to ensure that the needs of all students are met either with scaffolding and support resources for those that need help or stretch and challenge tasks for those who need to higher-level engagement.


When do students start GCSE and what does it involve?

In Humanities the skills for GCSE are incorporated into our schemes of work throughout our Curriculum at all years. We start the studying of content at different times in each subject. All of Year 9 RE is GCSE while in History we start a unit for all students in the last half term. Geography students do not study the course until Year 10.


What board do you study with in the three subjects?

All three Humanities subjects are with the AQA board.

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