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Keystage 4 Results

Progress 8 is a recently introduced school performance measure that indicates the progress made for all students between Keystage 2 (Year 6) and GCSEs (Year 11) across a range of subjects. It includes every student, every grade, and potentially every subject, unlike previous 5A*- C headline measures.


The progress 8 score for a student is the difference between their score and the national average score for a student with the same Keystage2 score. The school progress 8 score is the average of each students’ individual score.


A score of 0 means that the Progress 8 score for a school is in line with the national average levels of progress. A positive score means that the progress 8 score for a school is above the national average. A negative score means that the progress 8 score for a school is below the national average.


If you would like to find out more about the Progress 8 measure, please contact Mrs N Burgess at to make an appointment with a member of the leadership team.


To access the School Performance tables, visit:

To view the progress 8 and other measures for Leicestershire Schools, visit:

Keystage 4 Results

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