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Learning Support Department

The Learning Support Department aims to provide support and guidance to students who have greater difficulties in learning than the majority of their peers. The same support and guidance is given to staff, in order to assist them in meeting the needs of these individual students.


The Learning Support Department comprises Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO), Assistant SENDCo,  a Senior Higher Level Teaching Assistant (SHLTA), an HLTA, and a number Teaching Assistants (TA's). They provide a whole range of provision, from support in classrooms, targeted intervention for groups and individuals, mentoring, extra-curricular activities, homework facilities, to the use key staff and external specialist agencies.

Our philosophy is very much about facilitating that all students have access to all areas of the curriculum. Students are identified for extra support, from information received from our feeder primary schools and assessment on entry to the Academy. These students are noted on our SEND Record and their progress and attainment monitored accordingly. As well as the provision provided by the department, all staff also receive information and advice on meeting the needs of individual students in their curriculum area through quality first teaching (QFT).

We are aware of the necessity for a close working relationship with parents and carers and recognise the crucial nature of such relationships when supporting children with special needs. We value the contribution they can make given their unique knowledge and experience of their child and encourage a regular dialogue between school and home. 

If you have any questions please contact the team: 


SENDCO: Mrs Thornton


Assistant SENDCO (Leading KS4): Miss McSparron

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