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Head of department:

Mr I Howes

Science at Welland Park Academy is taught with enthusiasm by specialist teachers across two key stages. The Science curriculum during years 7 and 8 (Key Stage 3) is made up of topics in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. We build upon the students’ experience of Science at Key Stage 2 and provide fantastic foundations for further learning at Key Stage 4. We strive to spark our students’ curiosity in the world around them so that they can understand the scientific implications that impact on their own lives. We aim to build knowledge, understanding and creativity, whilst allowing our students the freedom to grow and develop independently.

In years 7 and 8 students have 3 Science lessons per week. Students are assessed on their knowledge during each topic, as well as undergoing constant assessment on how well they apply their scientific knowledge and practical skills.

Year 9 begins with an introduction to GCSE and is taught by 3 different specialist teachers (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). This work builds upon knowledge and skills learnt during years 7 and 8. Students will be assessed during year 9 and their suitability for either Combined Science Trilogy (2 GCSE’s) or Triple Science (3 GCSE’s) will be determined.

Combined Science Trilogy is taught for 6 hours per week during years 10 and 11. Students will have 2 lessons of each Science delivered by specialists. This demanding GCSE subject can lead to Science A levels and all careers highlighted below.

Triple Science is taught for 6 hours per week during year 10 and 11. Students will have 2 lessons of each Science delivered by specialists. Triple Science has a third more content and requires students to have a strong work ethic and an interest in Science.

The science department is subscribed to Kerboodle (Oxford University Press) which provides unrivalled digital support for the new AQA GCSE  (9—1) specifications. Our students have access to online resources including a digital textbook, revision resources and assessments. This material supports our formal lessons and course textbooks to create a truly blended learning solution for the students. In addition, Kerboodle provides the teacher with customisable learning content, assessment materials and reporting tools.

Combined Science Trilogy and Triple Science both have 6 examinations which contribute 100% of the final grade. Triple Science exams are each 1 hour 45 minutes and Combined Science Trilogy exams 1 hour and 15 minutes. The final grades for Triple Science are separate (eg 6,7,4) and Combined Science is assessed on a 21 point grade scale from 1-1 to 9-9 (2 GCSE’s).

Both courses have required practical elements which contribute to questions on the final papers. Find below the link to each page from the exam board, AQA:

Triple Science:

GCSE Biology (8461)

GCSE Chemistry (8462)

GCSE Physics (8463)

Combined Science:

GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy (8464)

Careers in Science:

An interest in Biology could lead to careers including:


An interest in Chemistry could lead to careers including:

An interest in Physics could lead to careers including:

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