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Pastoral Team at Welland Park Academy

Your child’s wellbeing is a top priority at Welland Park Academy. We believe strongly that all students can be successful when provided with an environment that is caring, encouraging, and optimistic. Welland Park Academy prides itself on being a happy, caring environment, which supports students and enables them to flourish and succeed.

Pupils at Welland Park know they are listened to, students communicate with teachers and staff through the active student council.

It is our belief that pastoral care is a shared responsibility involving each member of the school community. We value parental views and believe good communication between parents, pupils, and the school lies at the heart of each child’s development. The promotion of wellbeing, mutual respect, and resilience are the foundation of our student support network.

At Welland Park Academy our pastoral care aims are as follows:

· To respond in a sympathetic and understanding way to the concerns, fears, and worries of all students.

· To encourage the students’ to value one another and to respect the views of other members of their community

· To develop the students' self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline.

· To give students the skill and abilities to overcome challenges they may face as part of growing up

· To provide opportunities for reflection and discussion enabling students to develop a framework for responsible decision-making.

· To provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum for all students

· To prepare the students for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life.


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