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We are extremely proud of the number of student leadership roles here at Welland Park Academy. Students are represented in a range of areas across the school including:

Student Leadership Team, Sports Captains,

School Council, Wellbeing Ambassadors, Anti-bullying Ambassadors, SAFE Talk Qualified Students, Digital Leaders & Eco Team


Our aim for the year is RESPECT and the WELL-BEING of students at Welland Park Academy.

We meet on Tuesday mornings at 8am in L1.

Members of staff regularly join the School Council to discuss all areas of school life from Teaching and Learning to exciting site developments and fundraising. We have the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions to ensure the best possible whole school experience for all students.

Student Leadership Team – We work closely with other student leadership groups, as well as meeting with members of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss whole school initiatives and developments from a student perspective. We support key events such as Open Evenings and Options evenings. We also met members of the governing body throughout the year.


Elin W.

Deputy Head Student

Eve S.

Head Student

Kezia P.

Deputy Head Student

Erin H.

Head Student

Ethan B.JPG

Ethan B.


Giulia D S.JPG

Giulia D. S.


Technical Advisor: Mikey Thomas

Student Council Members:

Luke Parsons, Isabella Parsons, Amy Peck, Eva Sin, Chan Viteri, Molly Leeder, Izzy Clayton, Cerys Heath, Madison Hedges,

Mikey Thomas, Phoebe Goodman, Olly Sibley, Hatty Hile,

Neela Wilde, Chloe Hicks, Imogen Blyth, Molly Phipp,

Emily McCarron, Ollie Horne, Henry Cooke,
Joshua Matthews, Monty Neale, Aran Roberts, Flynn McGeachy,
Lydia Wood-Garzon, Zara Thomas, 
Emily Hall.


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