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Our Staff

The staff at Welland Park comprises a highly committed and well-established group of professionals.

All members of our teaching staff are specialists in their area of the curriculum and many of them have joined us from previous careers in 11 – 16 or 11 – 18 schools. We believe in developing learning for life at Welland Park and all staff take a holistic view of their role in the education of our youngsters.

Staff participate in a rigorous whole – school programme of training in relevant areas such as safeguarding, supporting good mental health and action research in pedagogy. Many staff proactively seek to enhance their own learning with National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), completion of Masters degrees or qualifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus. The aspirations of staff have been recognised with national accolades such as the Routes to Resilience award, Gold Career Mark and International School Award (2021 – 2024). 

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